ProWax Journal 3: Essential Questions

Essential Questions for ProWax Artists: the Business of Artmaking

Q: What business practices do you consider essential to your life as an artist?

A: I’d say for me… keeping tabs on information: deadlines (fellowships & grants), galleries I’m interested in, calls for entry that would benefit my practice… that kind of thing. Also: I need better financial record keeping. On the back burner but very needed: updating my inventory list.
Maritza Ruiz-Kim
San Francisco Bay Area

A: Keeping the documentation/inventory/website up. Keeping promises and contracts with galleries or commissions.
Cheryl McClure

A: Integrity….in every aspect.
Jane Nodine
South Carolina

A: Being a good art citizen would be at the top of the list. Being honest and cultivating relationships with colleagues that give me honest feedback. Keeping track of information. Getting out and being seen, and more importantly heard. And not being afraid to make the ask.
David A. Clark
Palm Springs, CA

A: I agree with everything everyone has said. The things that top my list:
. Organization: Of projects, time, priorities, studio setup, finances, files, images–everything
. Honesty across the board; relatedly, don’t sell out of your studio if you’re gallery represented
. Reciprocity: Someone does a favor for you; at some point you find a way to return it. Doesn’t have to be quid-pro-quo, but you need to acknowledge the good faith, kindness, information, energy or time that another has offered you
. Being visible: go to openings, make studio visits, blog, write, comment on Facebook. Create and live your presence
. Don’t be afraid of blowback from people who don’t like what you have to say. That means bracing yourself for the negativity of those who are invested in mediocrity
. Know when to take the lead and when to follow
. You can’t do it all–though you try, you try
Joanne Mattera
New York, New York

A: Yes to all above!! And… Really important to keep news, resume, workshop dates, etc updated on your website.
Jeanne Frederick
Kansas City, MO

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