Report from the Field: Conference Curatorial Exhibitions

By Deborah Winiarski

Each year, the International Encaustic Conference offers curatorial opportunities to selected artists attending that year’s conference. Facilitated by Conference director, Joanne Mattera, and Conference co-producer, Cherie Mittenthal, the Curatorial Project selects curators from a small pool of applicants and then guides the artist/curators through the curatorial process from conception to exhibition, demystifying that process and helping them to develop curatorial thinking. Two Conference Curatorial exhibitions took place during Conference 10: On Your Mark, curated by Patricia Dusman, and Thinking Sideways: the Horizontal Line, curated by Nancy Natale. 

Outside view of Gallery X at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill.
On Your Mark photos: Patricia Dusman

In On Your Mark, Patricia Dusman brought together five artists: Linda Cordner, Lorraine Glessner, Pat Spainhour, Dietlind Vander Schaaf and herself. The works included in the exhibition are reductive in nature and incorporate marks made with non-traditional painting or drawing tools.

Patricia writes in her Curator’s Statement, “Exploring and experimenting with various tools in my own practice, I envisioned an exhibition where I could bring together artists whose mark making plays a paramount and integral role.” She goes on to explain, “I am interested in mark making as physical proof and evidence of the maker’s hand; a mark to count, communicate or record . . . a mark that is unique to a time, place and space; a mark that could have only been created in the moment by that artist.”

 Dusman1of4    Dusman2of4

Left: Lorraine Glessner (left) and Pat Spainhour in library side of Gallery X; right: turning 180 degrees, Linda Cordner (foreground) with curator’s statement on far wall

 Dusman3of4     Dusman4of4

Left: Dietlind Vander Schaaf, with photos of tools used to create works in exhibition; right: Patricia Dusman on right wall of gallery entrance.

On Your Mark cover

On Your Mark curated by Patricia Dusman
Gallery X at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill
Truro, Massachusetts
Exhibition catalog viewable online by clicking image




In Thinking Sideways: The Horizontal Line, hosted by Julie Heller East Gallery, Nancy Natale brought together the work of four artists: Kathy Cantwell, Karen Hubacher, Jeff Juhlin and Carol Pelletier. She writes, “Since much of my own work has a horizontal orientation, I wanted to bring together other artists for whom the horizontal line was intrinsic to their work. The four artists I invited work in encaustic, oil with cold wax, and mixed media to beautifully convey the poetry and emotional resonance of the horizontal aspect.”

“The horizontal line suggests so many things: landscape, first of all, because of the planar aspects of land, and then the horizon–especially the horizon at the end of the Cape, where sea and sky are so pervasive.  The manmade horizontals of fences, walls, streets, bridges, all kinds of constructions, embody that line, a line that seems never ending. That sense of continuing forever conveys smoothness, continuity, and serenity.”


From left: Jeff Juhlin, Kathy Cantwell (top), Karen Hubacher (bottom and far right), Carol Pelletier (foreground). Wooden statue by gallery artist. Thinking Sideways photos: Nancy Natale.

Natale1of4     Natale2of4
Left: Karen Hubacher, Carol Pelletier, Jeff Juhlin; right: Carol Pelletier, Jeff Juhlin,
Kathy Cantwell (top), Karen Hubacher (bottom).

Natale3of4     Natale4of4

Left: Karen Hubacher and Kathy Cantwell; right: Kathy Cantwell.

Thinking Sideways cover

Thinking Sideways: The Horizontal Line
curated by Nancy Natale
Julie Heller East
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Exhibition catalog viewable online by clicking image.



 The call for proposals for the Conference Curatorial Project is usually announced on the International Encaustic Conference Facebook page in January with a March deadline.  Please contact for more information.


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