Welcome to the 13th Issue of ProWax Journal

From the Editors

It has now been three years since ProWax Journal went from idea to reality. We’re at lucky Issue #13! I’m amazed and grateful that our staff of busy working artists has been so committed to share the ProWax conversation with the art community at large. Each has dedicated not-so-glamorous work hours to keep it going. After all the experiences I’ve had as Editor-in-Chief of PWJ, I now have the wonderful opportunity to move my art studio closer to my home, giving me plenty of space to develop my art practice. I’m thrilled!

To truly make that happen, however, I need to pass the editor reins to a trusted colleague. I’m so happy to say that the choice was clear. Not only has Joanne Mattera been a valuable Consulting Editor for all things related to publishing a quarterly magazine, she consistently supported my vision for ProWax Journal. Now I’m more than eager to see how PWJ grows under her leadership. I’ll stay on as a consulting editor, managing the layout and publishing on the WordPress platform. Going forward, however, you are in Joanne’s capable hands.       — Maritza

MRK in Studio  JM in Studio

      Maritza Ruiz-Kim, Editor Emerita and Consulting Editor; Joanne Mattera, Editor-in-Chief

Maritza Ruiz-Kim and I have switched roles. She has become Consulting Editor, a job I have held since the first issue, and I have become Editor in Chief, a position she originated. We owe ProWax Journal to Maritza’s vision. During a particularly fruitful conversation in our online group, ProWax, Maritza posted something like, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a publication that gathered some of these ideas?”

A number of ProWax members pledged their support, and in September 2013 our first issue appeared. We gave it our all, but Maritza was the force that launched PWJ. Now she heads into a new studio and I, newly retired from directing the International Encaustic Conference, will take over where she has left off. Going forward, the staff and I will build on Maritza’s vision and the solid foundation she created to support it. Nancy Natale will take on an expanded role as Featured Articles Editor, not only writing regularly but overseeing two new columns, Open Call and Back of the Panel. In addition to the features and columns you have come to expect from PWJ, we’ve got a new regular feature, Studio Visit, and a Sidebar packed with images and information. Thank you, Maritza, for what you started. I look forward to your continued involvement.     –Joanne


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the 13th Issue of ProWax Journal

  1. kathycantwell says:

    Thanks Maritza for all your hard work. PWJ is a great read and I’m grateful that it exists because brings together topics that one doesn’t always think about when they are deep in their work. I am relieved that Joanne is taking over your spot. A pivotal role that brings it all together. Thank you for having the vision about PWJ. Enjoy your new studio!

  2. marzkim says:

    Thanks Kathy & everyone! It’s awesome to become a “reader” of PWJ in a way like the rest of you- while I’ve had access to the articles before now, I get to really spend time with them and I’m excited about it! Super thankful to have Joanne at the helm!

  3. Shawna Moore says:

    There is great content here and I would like to repost via my facebook and website. I did note the message about this content being protected. Is it alright to share individual topics on one’s website with reference to the ProWax Journal tagline? Thanks, Shawna


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