Studio Visit

Kathy Cantwell: Maplewood, N.J.

.Edited by Paula Fava

“The truth about me is I am a clutterer,” says Kathy Cantwell. “I work in a basement studio in my house. The 572-square-foot studio has eight-foot ceilings and three huge windows. The outside entrance is flanked by a sitting porch for quiet contemplation. My lighting is LED high hats and an excellent southwest exposure. There is a great sense of terra firma in this studio because I’m on the ground floor. I consider this my best studio to date.”


“Half the studio is dedicated to encaustic which has an 8-by-3-foot table with flat file underneath, a Vent-A-Fume exhaust through the window, and two palettes against a wall between two windows.”


“Across the studio sits a table for working in oil. I put up stringers along the wall to allow me to arrange the work for viewing in various ways. My painting storage is mostly in another area in the basement and is becoming a force to be reckoned with. I grew into this space as opposed to conceiving of it in its entirety. When I’m ready I can finish the rest of the basement and double my space. “

Kathy Cantwell’s report on the crit group she moderates is the subject of this issue’s Open Call.

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