Welcome to the 14th Issue of PWJ

Encaustic artists? Not us! We’re painters, sculptors, and printmakers who love wax but work in a variety of mediums.

Shelley Gilchrist’s lead feature, Form and Iteration Across Mediums, makes this point eminently clear through the work of eight artists for whom continuity of concept is not limited to encaustic. Scroll down to read it. But don’t stop there. We offer you a lot in this issue, from Nancy Natale’s in-depth interview with the Montreal-based painter Alexandre Masino, to a peek into the Maplewood, New Jersey, studio of Kathy Cantwell, to Cantwell’s story for Open Call about how an online crit group was formed. Our regular features and listings are all here, too, along with a peek at what Cherie Mittenthal is planning for Conference 11. As always, the Comments option in each article offers a way for our conversation to extend into the community. I hope you’ll respond. –J.M.


Shelley Gilchrist, Rabbit-Proof, 2016, acrylic on epoxy clay, 29 x 26 x 2 ¼ inches
Read Gilchrist’s article below

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