Workshops: General Listing by Region


Edited by Dawna Bemis


Heidi F. Beal
Known for her generous and nurturing teaching style, Heidi encourages students to take their creativity to the next level. Workshops for beginning and intermediate students are held at a residential retreat-like setting.
Heidi F. Beal Fine Arts
Bakersfield, Calif.

Jeff Juhlin
Jeff offers private instruction workshops in introduction and advanced encaustic and non-encaustic monotype printmaking.
Jeff Juhlin Studio
Salt Lake City, Utah

Shawna Moore
Shawna specializes in teaching unique encaustic techniques to artists of all levels. Her private and semi-private workshops assist artists to reach their creative potential.
Shawna Moore Art
Whitefish, Mont.


Cheryl D. McClure
Cheryl teaches encaustic one-on-one in her studio. She occasionally teaches other media there as well.
Cheryl McClure Studio
Overton, Texas

Paula Roland
Encaustic Monotyps – All Levels; Mark Making On/Off the HOTBOX; Graphite/Carbon and Wax; Encaustic Painting. COMPREHENSIVE workshops for the experienced and newcomers to encaustic. Celebrating 20 years teaching encaustic!
Paula’s Santa Fe Studio
Santa Fe, N.M.


Elena De La Ville
Elena’s encaustic workshop introduces the basics of encaustic painting, equipment and safety issues, information on tools, fusing, color mixing, oil stick use, and texture development as well as a variety of advanced techniques.
Elena De La Ville Studio
Sarasota, Fla.

Helen DeRamus
Helen offers ongoing workshops in beginning to advanced encaustic painting, monotype printmaking, and abstract drawing techniques. Available are one and two day workshops, private instruction, and individual mentoring.
Helen DeRamus Studio

Hylla Evans
Hylla offers a residency and private classes in color theory and encaustic works on paper.
Hylla Evans Studio

Lynda Ray
Where ever you are Lynda will take you to the next level. The workshops and classes support an intuitive and inventive approach to art making. Her positive response encourages growth.
Va., Calif. and more
Richmond, Va.


Corina S. Alvarezdelugo
Corina offers private and group instruction in the visual arts, including encaustic painting, printmaking and sculpture, with an emphasis in mixed media. Classes available for all levels: beginners to advance.
Corina’s Studio at Erector Square
New Haven, Conn.

Kim Bernard
Kim teaches beginning through advanced encaustic workshops at Maine Coast Encaustic Workshop Retreat, Maine College of Art, and Plymouth State University.
Rockland, Maine

Binnie Birstein
A painterly approach to working with encaustic is just the beginning.
Emphasis on the individual and what your work is about.
Encaustic collagraph as well as mixed media with wax and more!
Binnie’s Studio at Firing Circuits Studios
Norwalk, Conn.

Dorothy Cochran
Dorothy’s professional level workshops and classes focus on all forms of printmaking including relief, intaglio, lithography, and silkscreen. Specialized workshops include encaustic collagraph and monotype printmaking. Private consultation is available.
Various venues listed under events
N.Y., N.J. and beyond

Joanne Mattera
A full-time studio artist with a broad background in professional practices, publishing, and organizing in the arts, Joanne offers Career Coaching and private consultation in Professional Practices in the Boston area and New York City

Laura Moriarty
Laura offers advanced painting workshops with an emphasis on excavation techniques, and studio consultations.
Sedona Arts Center, Truro Center for the Arts and R&F Handmade Paints
Kingston, N.Y.

Deborah Winiarski
Year-round workshops: Introduction to Encaustic Painting, The Basics and Beyond, Encaustic Monotype Printmaking, Encaustic in Three Dimensions
The Art Students League of New York
New York, N.Y.


Lisa Pressman
Lisa teaches workshops that focus on an approach to art making that includes using oil and cold wax or encaustic and mixed media.
N.J. and beyond
West Orange, N.J.

Raé Miller
Raé teaches classes in encaustic painting, monotype, and painting on paper for artists at all levels. She also offers customized classes, project development assistance, and private instruction. Raé opens her studio to individual selected artist retreats.
Raé Miller Studio/Gallery, Fabrica La Aurora
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Lora Murphy
Contemporary Portraiture in Encaustic. The step by step instruction , will show you how to approach a portrait or figure from the initial drawing to the final highlight.
Seacliff Studios
Ireland and Denmark